The following list is about Kallie Jo's Family Relatives:

  1. Kallie Jo

Position: Administrador of the Club Penguin Wiki, Actor
Appearances: Kallie JoJo's Circus, The Powerpuff Gills, iKallie
Color: Blu
Species: Penguin

  1. Kallie JoJo

Position: Owner of a Famous Circus, Actor
Appearances: Kallie JoJo's Circus
Color: Aqua
Species: Penguin

  1. Mojo Jojo

Position: Super Villain, Actor
Appearances: The Powerpuff Gills, The Chimpsons
Color: Grean
Species: Monkey

  1. Kallie Shane

Position: Famous Youtuber, Actor
Appearances: iKallie
Color: Black
Species: Penguin

  1. Kallie Joe

Position: Member of the Jonas Brothers
Appearances: Juvenile Choice Awards 2011, 2012, 2013, iKallie, Kallie JoJo's Circus
Color: Arctic White
Species: Penguin

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